Fish Art

I was experimenting tonight with some different lighting for fish photography.

I liked how these turned out (and hope you do too).


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Red Wattlebird

A common, beautiful bird in our gardens and nature reserves.


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The Raven Alone

Sitting outside work the other day, I encountered this very noisy and strong-willed Australian Raven. A beautiful creature.








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The Eagle and the Raven

The other day I was standing in the car park of the Jerrabomberra Wetlands nature reserve – a wonderful place for spotting birds – talking with some birding chaps when one spotted something interesting coming in from the distance.

DSC_3549It was a White Bellied Sea Eagle, far from the sea but on the lookout for a snack.

DSC_3550 DSC_3551

Unfortunately for the eagle, a group of Australian Ravens congregating at the Wetlands decided they were having none of it. They flew straight to the eagle, intent on seeing it off. One raven in particular took on the much larger bird.


It always amazes me to see birds defending their space against much larger intruders and the ravens were successfully in sending the eagle on its way. Perhaps even back to the sea.



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Half a Moon

Previously I have only taken shots of the moon when it is full, or virtually full. I’ve noticed, though, that when the moon is at one of its quarter phases you get more shadowing from the sun and see more detail on the surface.

So… we are now at (I believe) the third quarter and it was a nice clear night, so…

The moon as seen from the surface of the earth (with a handheld camera and a big lens). The poor thing’s had a bit of a battering over the centuries (the moon, that is).


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Sooty Oystercatcher

While walking about on Warden Head in Ulladulla (home to an operating lighthouse) I went down to the beach and came across this Sooty Oystercatcher (Haematopus fuliginosus). I thought this was such a great looking bird – the striking combination of black and red and the big eyes that give it a kind of goofy look. I read somewhere that these are quite uncommon in the area – if so, I feel grateful for this lucky find!

Click on any of the gallery pictures for a larger view.

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Pigeon House

Pigeon House Mountain from Warden Head, Ulladulla NSW.


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