Some time ago this blog was born and for a time it thrived. Then it developed a kind of malaise that saw it need to rest for a short time. That short time grew and for the best part of a year the blog rested.

It is now refreshed and ready to venture into the world again. Its past has gone, for better or worse. Its future will live up to its title and rely much more on images than words. That’s the way it began. The words had value, but that at times they overwhelmed and distracted. There will be words in the blog’s future, but they will be secondary.

Here are some images of Collins Beach, in the Sydney northern beaches suburb of Manly. Collins Beach rests in the Sydney Harbour National Park. It is home to a Fairy Penguin conservatory and to a former quarantine station, now the Australian Institute of Police Management. I visited there briefly, in grey and damp weather.

DSC_4527 DSC_4484_stitch DSC_4437_stitch-2DSC_4370 DSC_4366DSC_4380_stitch DSC_4364 20151104_172216

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