Rocky Raceway

I have recently become involved in the wonderful pastime of geocaching – basically a modern day kind of treasure hunt involving a GPS device. One of the great things about it is that it gets me to places I might not have ever ventured to otherwise.

My most recent geocaching adventure was to a rarely visited part of the Murrumbidgee River, on the side that doesn’t have carparks, picnic areas, play grounds and properly formed and sign-posted walking trails. A 10 kilometre drive and 7 kilometre hike (double that to get back) took me to a place on the river only 2.6 kilometres from home, but totally inaccessible from “my” side due to granite cliffs and rapidly flowing water. My objective: the geocache called Rocky Raceway – a small container hidden in a rock formation high above an area where the river is forced through a narrow chasm.

Here is a small selection of photos from around the area where Rocky Raceway lies hidden.

DSC_7999 DSC_8005 DSC_8009_stitch-2 DSC_8052 DSC_8105_stitch-2

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