Sydney by Night (part one)

During the week I spent a couple of night’s in Sydney while chairing and presenting at a conference. This gave me a chance to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – handheld night photography in the city.

In this first of two posts, I want to share some images taking inside the historic Queen Victoria building, by Sydney Harbour and then Sydney Town Hall, concentrating on the built environment (and my quirky little fascination for photographing people’s bicycles).

DSC04392 DSC04421 DSC04498 DSC04523 DSC04550 DSC04662 DSC04663 DSC04666 DSC04673

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4 Responses to Sydney by Night (part one)

  1. csyoungjr says:

    Great eye/composition! Nice technical execution to on the handheld night shots. Care to share your technique?

    • MJWC1 says:

      Hi cs

      My apologies – I only just saw your comment.

      Thank you very much – I really appreciate it! No great trick – I was just using ISO1600 and ended up with 1/30 second. A decently steady hand, a bit of stabilisation in the lens and good fortune covered it. That and just waited until the people had moved into good positions. Knowing that the customers would be more or less silhouetted I was looking for clear body positions – things like an outstretched arm or a body turned around so the form was distinct, rather than a blob. That’s about it!

      • csyoungjr says:

        No worries, thanks for the specifics, even though I have a nice full frame sensor,I’ve been weary about going above 800 ISO. You’ve encouraged me to reach higher!

  2. MJWC1 says:

    Absolutely reach higher, I reckon. A bit of grain and noise is always preferable to blur (unless you want blur, of course) and can often add to the image – especially black and whites. It depends a bit on the effect you are aiming for, but I recommend experimenting. With a nice full frame sensor (assuming it is a reasonably recent one) you should be able to use 3200 or 6400 with no problem. Play around!

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