The thing is, I like to take photos. Have done for as long as I can remember. My first clear memory of taking photos was while on a school excursion that included walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Somehow I had managed to borrow my Dad’s camera. I don’t remember what it was, except it folded and I suspect it was a Kodak. In my mind’s eye I can still see myself taking shots of the ferries down below and the photos that came back a week or more later, the ironwork of the bridge inadvertently framing the shots.

Fast forward through various film cameras, including a Canon EOS 630 that served me well for many years. I got one of them duty free (back when that made a real difference) in 1989 for $600, later sold it, bought another one in about 2004 for $150, sold that, and bought another in 2012 for $15.50. Thanks to plummeting depreciation on both film cameras and older generation digitals, I now own far more cameras, lenses and accessories than I need – most of them bought for nearly nothing. Thank heaven for mirrorless cameras to make use of all those old lenses.

So… while I still shoot film sometimes, digital being what it is I take lots of photos. I am still working towards a consistent style – a voice, if you will – but in the meantime I just enjoy the process of getting out into the world and looking for things to photograph. Seeing the images is great (well, the ones that work) and even the post processing is pretty cool, but it is in the process of making the image (or taking the photo or capturing the scene, or whatever you want to call it) where my true enjoyment and motivation lies.

Now all of those photos have to go somewhere, other than on my hard drive for my own amusement. The family see some, the odd one gets printed, some turn up on photography forums. I have put some on a FB page, but that feels too limited and frustrating. I also really like to write. There was only one logical way forward. Blog.

8 Responses to About

  1. John Hric says:

    is your gravatar a killifish ? Thanks for leading me to your site !

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Lovely B & W images.

    • MJWC1 says:

      Thank you. I have just been looking through your blog and I really love the street photography you are doing. Your shots are in Pakistan, yes?

      • Dr_IQ says:

        Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I live in Pakistan and the current stuff is mostly about Pakistan. I have, however, posted quite a bit about Malaysia, China and Turkey.

      • MJWC1 says:

        I have met some really wonderful people from Pakistan and it is a great treat to be able to see these images of your home, as well as your travels. I am really interested in seeing more of how people actually live in other countries – not just the cities and the tourist sites you usually see, but people just going about their normal lives. Thank you for sharing these images of your life and the people around you.

  3. elmer says:

    It’s always our dad’s camera that opens us to the world of photography

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