Matthew James Willis
Canberra, Australia

1 Response to Contact

  1. Hi MJW1 – Until yesterday morning I was a member at dpreview with the username BartyLobethal. I received a permanent ban for “swearing” at EdMolder. Although I have now reported Ed for exactly the same offence on four occasions I have had no response from dpreview and Ed continues to post with impunity. It seems that they prefer racist, homophobic, misogynist xenophobes to contributing members.

    There’s no point in maintaining an account there if I can’t post, so I’ve removed the couple of hundred images I had in my galleries, gear etc and asked dpreview to delete my account.

    I’m not bemoaning my fate here – rules are rules, but I’m pretty pissed-off at what appears to be inconsistent and discriminatory moderation.

    I’ve enjoyed the way in which you, Chris59, mollyM and others have served it up to Ed. Keep up the good work.

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